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The Records Division

The Records Division is open
Mon-Fri 8:00a.m. to 4:30p.m. Closed 12:00-1:00 (For Lunch)

Requesting Police Reports Case / Traffic Crash reports:

Please Provide:

The type of report - Crash, Damage to property, robbery, assault, etc.
The date and location of occurrence
A report number, if known (Example 15-0000)

Illinois legislation provides that victims of domestic violence may request a copy of their crime report without charge. There will be no fee charged to the victim.

Make Checks Payable to: City of Burbank

Administrative Fees

(This list reflects general fees and is not to be considered all inclusive; charges may vary depending on size of file and preparation time)








Case Reports









The Burbank police department has partnered with Buycrash.com to provide crash reports through the Internet, 24 hours a day/7 days a week-----------SEE BELOW for FURTHER INFO.

*** NOTE: Drivers may still obtain a copy of the drivers exchange information form at the Burbank Police Station for NO COST.









Crash Reconstruction Report






Crime Scene Photographs



per photo



Driver’s License Reinstatement












for Burbank Residents






**Limit of three (3) fingerprint card per applicant – Applicants must provide all print cards.









Immobilization (Boot)






Impound Violation






***Recording Video






***May vary depending on media outlet required for production—a quote will be given prior to any




9-1-1 Audio






The city of Burbank contracts its dispatch services through Oak Lawn central Dispatch and 9-1-1 audio requests are routed to them. The $100.00 fee is set by the Village of Oak Lawn ordinance. Inquiries and billing are to be directed to Oak Lawn Central Dispatch.



*Crash/Accident Report Information (Cont’d):

  • The Burbank Police Department will no longer process mailed requests for crash reports. The police department, while continually embracing technology and increasing efficiency has partnered with Buycrash.com to provide traffic crash/accident reports through the Internet: 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
  • This project, while geared towards companies, is also available to citizens not wishing to come to the police facility to obtain a crash/accident report. (The fee a police department can charge for a crash/accident report is set by Illinois law); however, be advised, an Internet convenience fee set by Buycrash.com is added to the cost of the crash/accident report when purchased online.
  • Citizens who do not wish to use Buycrash.com are advised to contact their insurance company for this purchase.
  • Buycrash.com will provide companies with an account that will allow the company a searchable database and a consolidated monthly invoice.

To request a DOCVIEW account, simply visit https://www.buycrash.com or call 866-495-4206


Beware of selling cars on such sites as Craig's List


Helpful Hints:

* License Plate Removal - Make sure you physically remove your license plates and city sticker from your vehicle before you hand over the title or keys to your car to the buyer.

* When selling your vehicle: Make sure to draw up a VALID BILL OF SALE, including obtaining a copy of the BUYERS Drivers License for identity purposes.

* Changing data regarding your License Plates and Drivers License - Each item must be done separately, changing information on your license plates does not automatically change your information on your Drivers License.

* People often ask - How did the Burbank officer get my name, I sold that car years ago?

***The answer will generally be that the title was never changed over by the buyer, hence the Vehicle Identification Number that the officer checks through the computer system and the SOS office will report that the owner is still (YOU)***

For additional tips and a link to the Illinois Secretary of States office click below.






Vehicle Registration and/or Title Revocation Request Form (PDF file)




Search Illinois public records statewide for vital information online.

Click Here

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