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The City of Burbank, Illinois

Citizens and Government working together for the future

The Burbank Police Department would like to thank the Burbank Park District and the following local businesses:

•Burbank Police Officers Association
•Haunted Trails
•J&D Liquors
•Ray’s Lucky Bar
•Stadium Liquors

Their generous donations helped make the 2019 D.A.R.E. Pool Party more enjoyable for all of the children in attendance. The event is held each year to congratulate the students who successfully complete the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program.

The City of Burbank in partnership with our local businesses are
CURRENTLY TAKING NEW SPONSORSHIPS-Community Rewards Coupon program! Click the Link to view!

Nicor Gas is reminding customers that representatives from our company always carry proper identification and never ask customers for cash or personal financial information.
With door-to-door scams, someone impersonating a utility worker will visit a customer's home looking to get personal information or account information, and sometimes attempting to get in their home.
Customers can avoid being scammed by taking a few precautions:
- Never provide social security or personal information to anyone initiating contact with you claiming to be a Nicor Gas representative or requesting you send money to another person or entity other than Nicor Gas.
- Always ask to see a company photo ID before allowing any utility worker in your home or business.
- When in doubt, check it out. Be skeptical of individuals wearing clothing with old or defaced company logos. If you have any doubts, ask to see a company ID. Residents can contact Nicor Gas Customer Care at 888-642-6748 (888-Nicor4U) to confirm that the person at their door is a Nicor Gas employee.
- Never make payment for services to anyone coming to the door.
Some of our customers in this area still have meters inside their basements; as such, access to the gas meter is done in the presence of an adult at the home. These gas meter reads are not necessarily done by appointment – Nicor Gas employees will walk a route and call on these customers as they walk these routes by knocking/ringing at their door.


The Burbank Police Department and the FTC

(Federal Trade Commission) want you to know:


Every year, thousands of people lose money to telephone scams — from a few dollars to their life savings. Scammers will say anything to cheat people out of money. Some seem very friendly — calling you by your first name, making small talk, and asking about your family. They may claim to work for a company you trust, or they may send mail or place ads to convince you to call them.

If you get a call from someone you don’t know who is trying to sell you something you hadn’t planned to buy, say "No thanks." And, if they pressure you about giving up personal information — like your credit card or Social Security number — it’s likely a scam. Hang up and report it to the Federal Trade Commission.


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City Council/Committee Schedule
Meeting's begin 7:30 P.M.
6530 W 79th Street on the second floor.
Meeting Minutes are posted on the
Aldermanic page.

Announcement from the Commonwealth Edison Company:

The City of Burbank is proud to work in conjunction with the Commonwealth Edison Company to bring information to the citizens of Burbank faster.

Below are two new ComEd Customer Communication tools. These are both wonderful new communication tools for our residents!

The first is an outage map that all residents can access on the the Commonwealth Edison Company website. This is a much improved outage map that gives specific information and outage locations.

The second is a I-Phone app. You must have a smart phone or I-phone for this application.

We at the City of Burbank are living up to the standard of Citizens and Government working together for the future.

Outage Map   |   Mobile App




Welcome to Burbank, Illinois. Mayor Dan Foy is proud to be leading a community of 28,095 into a new era of technology. Burbank was incorporated in 1970 and continues to be a great place to raise a family and establish a

business. Join us here and feel at home!

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