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The goal of the Burbank Fire Department is to save lives and property and to prevent the citizens of Burbank from further danger by natural or man-made disasters and accidents.

This function is performed in different ways: public education in our schools and the business community, CPR training; and through the City of Burbank newsletter, which informs residents of various fire safety measures that should be performed in their homes.

The Fire Department is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with an average shift of 9 full-time firefighters and paramedics. Shifts consist of 24 hours on duty, followed by 48 hours off. Manning consists of 2 Officers, 2 Engineers, and 4-6 Firefighter/Paramedics, depending on staffing. The Department has one of the newest fleets of firefighting apparatus in the area. Within the fleet there are four Engines, one Aerial Tower, one Heavy Rescue Squad, one Technical Rescue Trailer, three Advance Life Support Ambulances (paramedic staffed), two Service Vehicles, and three Command Vehicles.

The Burbank Fire Department is part of the 1st Fire District, which consists of 14 surrounding agencies. Personnel within the Fire Department have advance training in fire suppression, technical rescue, and hazardous materials incidents. The Burbank
Fire Department employs approximately 20 paid-on-call members which are support staff to the full-time personnel. These members respond from home when alerted by a call and function as both firefighters and paramedics on the scene of fires and other emergencies.

The Burbank Fire Department was formed on June 21, 1942, by a group of men from what was then called Stickney Township. The original Burbank firehouse was built by volunteers and was located at 85th & Mayfield Avenue, on what is the current site of Station One Fire House.

The first engine was fabricated from a refurbished oil tanker. Things certainly have changed in 63 years. Today, the Burbank Fire Department has two stations: Headquarters, located at 6530 W. 79th Street, and Station One located at 8455 S. Mayfield.

Statistics show that approximately 95% of homes have smoke alarms. However, roughly one third of those alarms donít work because the batteries are dead or missing, or the smoke alarm itself is too old. This means hundreds of residents in Burbank have a false sense of security. They know they have smoke alarms, but do they know if the alarms will work? TEST FOR SUCCESS!!!!(Change the clocks, Change the battery.)

Fire Safety and House Escape Plan

A fire at home can be a scary thing but the best way to be safe is to have an emergency plan in advance. Work with your mom and dad to plan it out and practice an emergency escape. Hang the drawing of the emergency plan on the fridge or somewhere where everyone can easily see it. Below are some great ways to start your emergency fire escape plan.

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Fire Safety Checklist provided by ADTSecurity.com.

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Fire Chief
David E. Gilgenberg II

Chief Gilgenberg has been a member of the Burbank Fire Department since June 1991 as a Paid On Call (P.O.C.) firefighter. He was hired as a fulltime Firefighter/Paramedic in Sept. 1994 and in 2006 he tested and was promoted to the rank of Engineer. In 2008 Dave was promoted to Lieutenant and then appointed Battalion Chief in charge of Operations in 2013. He was then appointed as the Fire Chief in October 2015. As Chief, he directs a fire department of 29 full-time and 25 paid-on-call personnel as well as the City of Burbankís Emergency Service Disaster Agency (ESDA). Chief Gilgenberg holds a Bachelorís Degree in Business (Benedictine University) and a Masterís Degree in Fire Service and Homeland Security Management (Southern Illinois University). He has held the position of rescue specialist on the Illinois USAR Taskforce #1 Rescue Team and is currently the Technical Rescue Chief for MABAS Division #21. Dave is a lifelong resident of Burbank, is married and has two children. Chief Gilgenberg can be contacted at the City of Burbank Fire Department at 708-599-7766 or by email at dgilgenberg@burbankil.gov.


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